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Shipping and Charges

Shipping and Charges

Shipping costs will be borne by the purchaser. We are always looking for the cheapest shipping method. The Shipping for Orders Shop is exclusively in Germany and in the countries listed below. If you want a shipping cost to other countries, please send us a request by email to [email protected]. We then create an individual offer on the desired item and shipping cost.

The shipping costs to other countries please refer to the following table:

Denmark 25,00 Euro
Estonia 25,00 Euro
Finland 25,00 Euro
France 25,00 Euro
Greece 25,00 Euro
Ireland 25,00 Euro
Italy 25,00 Euro
Croatia 25,00 Euro
Latvia 25,00 Euro
Lithuania 25,00 Euro
Luxemburg 25,00 Euro
Malta 25,00 Euro
Netherlands 25,00 Euro
Austria 25,00 Euro
Poland 25,00 Euro
Portugal 25,00 Euro
Romania 25,00 Euro
Sweden 25,00 Euro
Slowakia 25,00 Euro
Slovenia 25,00 Euro
Spain 25,00 Euro
Czechia 25,00 Euro
Hungary 25,00 Euro
United Kingdom 25,00 Euro
Cyprus 25,00 Euro
USA 48,00 Euro
Canada 48,00 Euro
Japan 48,00 Euro
Korea 48,00 Euro


Payment is made in advance/bank transfer or by PayPal (VISA, MasterCard, GiroPay). For existing customers, we alternatively offer delivery on account if there is a positive credit rating.

The minimum order value per order is €150.00 including VAT (€126,05 net).

Sale only to companies / foreign EU companies only with VAT#