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Custom Display Solutions

Custom Display Solutions

You have special requirements? Not met by standard displays?

We put you in contact with the manufacturer’s engineering team. They can offer engineering design services, and turn-key solutions for all industries. Target will be to develop the ideal display for your unique application.

Display Product Design, Development and Engineering Services

A whole team of Engineers will help you customize the perfect display in your project. For more than 20 years, Newhaven Display International has provided custom display solutions worldwide across various industries including medical, agriculture, industrial, handheld, audio/video, automotive, consumer, appliance, security, casino, military, energy, POS, test & measurement, and telecom. If your project fits a niche market and requires a unique display in order to move forward, we want to be the one to help bring your product to life. By reaching out to us for a custom design, you will be assigned an Engineer who will be your contact to communicate with from start to finish. The benefit is you will have an experienced contact to work with personally who cares to understand all your requirements or challenges.

LCD, TFT, OLED, and VFD Display Customizations

The engineering team is based in the U.S.A.

The engineering staff work togetherwith you to help you prototype, design, test, build, and manufacture your custom display solution to perfectly fit your application and make your product a success. We have a large range of products we stock in our IL warehouse, but we know there are plenty of unique ways to design LCD, TFT, VFD, and OLED displays that may require modifications. We welcome the opportunity to customize something unique just for you. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) and NRE may apply depending on your custom solution request. Every custom project has different requirements so please reach out to inquire, we are upfront with all estimated details, so you are never in the dark.

Cable Customization

Adjust length, position, and pinout of your cables or add additional connectors. Get a cable solution designed to make your connections streamlined and secure.

Touchscreen Add-Ons

Enhance your user experience with capacitive or resistive touchscreen technology. We’ll adjust the glass thickness or shape of the touch panel so it’s a perfect fit for your design.

Interface Customization

We can incorporate HDMI, USB, SPI, VGA and more into your display to achieve your design and application goals.

Connector Customization

Easily modify any connectors on your display to meet your application’s requirements. Soldering for pin headers, boxed headers, right angles headers, and any other connectors which your display may require.

PCB Modifications

Choose from a wide selection of changes including shape, size, pinout, and component layout of your PCB to make it a perfect fit for your application.

Cover Glass Additions

Equip your display with a custom cut cover glass to improve durability. Choose from a variety of cover glass thicknesses and get optical bonding to protect against moisture and debris.

Mounting Add-Ons

Examples might include bezels, gaskets, custom enclosures, metal mounting brackets, threaded standoffs or pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Custom Backlight

Custom backlight configurations can be made with voltage/input current, brightness or colors/NVIS. Perhaps it is just changing the assembly type from array to side LEDs.


Add an overlay, membrane keypad with LED indicators or a rugged mechanical silicone keypad addition.

USA Custom Display Manufacturing

Fully Staffed For In-House Customizations

Newhaven Display has the complete control over display products’ design, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

The engineering-team will work with you on a prototype to validate and test your design. Interested in a custom display solution?

If yes, please fill out the below form to Request a Custom Display Solution.

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