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LCD Serial Displays Information

LCD Serial Displays Information

Newhaven Display’s Serial LCDs are character LCD Modules with integrated RS232, I2C and SPI serial interfaces with a broad range of industry standard sizes in 2×16, 2×20, and 4×20 modules.

With this type of display, there are no more bulky additional “daughter boards” which results in better usability and cost. Software controlled contrast and backlight brightness simplifies development and maximizes application performance. The LCD Serial Displays are ideal for all display applications to save processor I/O pins.

Compatible Displays

Newhaven Display’s LCD Serial Displays are compatible sizes with some of our Character LCD displays and VFD displays. Below is a chart indicating which LCD Character and VFD displays the LCD Serial Displays can replace.

LCD Serial DisplaysLCD Character DisplaysVFD Module Models

Key Features

  • I2C, SPI, and RS232 Serial Interfaces
  • Save development time and I/O lines
  • Simple hardware interfacing
  • Software controlled contrast and backlighting brightness
  • Standard LCD commands and fonts
  • No extra boards or logic required, standard LCD sizes
  • Custom development available

How Serial Displays Work

Newhaven Display’s LCD Serial Displays have 3 unique interfaces selectable by soldering jumpers onto the back of the display’s PCB. These displays also have an on-board PIC microprocessor that translates RS232, SPI or I2C protocol into standard parallel HD44780 protocol.

The on-board microprocessor initializes the LCD on power up. All standard LCD commands are available in each interface protocol. Characters are sent to the LCD via standard ASCII codes and the contrast and backlight brightness are adjustable through software commands. By incorporating the translating microprocessor on the display, it eliminates the need for additional board or logic devices.

What Interfaces Serial Displays Use

The LCD Serial Displays feature 3 unique selectable interfaces.


  • 5V TLL non-inverted
  • 300-115.2K baud rate (9600 default)



  • 100KHz max clock rate
    Definable bus address (0x50 default)
  • Pull-up resistors are built-in



  • 100KHz max clock rate
  • High level idle clock, active Low Slave Select