NHD-0420CW-AW3, Newhaven Display

NHD-0420CW-AW3, Newhaven Display

Newhaven Display
4X20 Character White Slim OLED Module

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NHD-0420CW-AW3 | 4×20 Characters | Slim OLED Module | White Color | Double Height Characters

Introducing the NHD-0420CW-AW3 monochrome OLED slim character display, your gateway to high-contrast visual excellence. With vivid white text against a deep black background, this display captivates the eyes. Engineered with OLED display technology, it ensures impeccable visibility and effortless readability from any angle, adapting flawlessly to diverse environments.

This passive-matrix marvel offers versatile connectivity options including 4/8-bit Parallel, SPI, or I2C interfaces. Its full compatibility with Arduino enhances its utility, seamlessly integrating with a plethora of electronic systems, catering to a wide array of applications. The NHD-0420CW-AW3 doesn’t just display text; it creates an experience.

But that’s not all – this display is equipped with three built-in font tables, each featuring double-height characters. It’s as versatile as it is captivating, setting itself apart with its US2066 controller.

The NHD-0420CW-AW3 thrives in harsh conditions, excelling within a temperature range from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. Its operational adaptability extends to a 5V or 2.8V power supply, ensuring it’s always ready for action. And as part of our commitment to quality and sustainability, this display is RoHS compliant.

Elevate your projects with the NHD-0420CW-AW3, where exceptional visuals and robust performance converge. Experience reliability and innovation across a spectrum of applications, driven by cutting-edge technology and design.

Newhaven Display
Size character rows
4 x 20 Characters
Parallel, SPI or I2C
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