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A varistor, short for "variable resistor," is an electronic component designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits and devices from voltage surges and transient overvoltages. It is also commonly referred to as a voltage-dependent resistor (VDR) or a surge suppressor. Varistors are made from a semiconductor material, often zinc oxide, with a nonlinear voltage-current characteristic. This means that their resistance changes dramatically based on the applied voltage. In normal operating conditions, varistors have a high resistance and do not significantly affect the circuit. However, when a voltage spike or surge occurs, such as a lightning strike or a sudden power surge, the varistor's resistance drops sharply, allowing it to conduct excess current and divert the surge away from sensitive components. These components are commonly used in power supplies, electrical equipment, and electronic systems to safeguard against voltage fluctuations that could otherwise damage or disrupt the operation of devices. Varistors provide a cost-effective and efficient means of surge protection by absorbing and dissipating excessive energy before it reaches critical components. In our webshop, you'll find a range of varistors with various voltage ratings and sizes, suitable for different applications. Whether you're working on consumer electronics, industrial equipment, or any other electronic system that requires protection from voltage spikes, varistors are an essential component to consider. Explore our selection to find the right varistor for your specific needs.