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Gas Discharge Tubes

Gas Discharge Tubes

Precision Gas Discharge Tube Surge Protector

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Gas discharge tubes, commonly known as GDTs, are essential components used for surge protection in electronic circuits and systems. These tubes provide a robust and reliable method of safeguarding devices from high-voltage transient events, such as lightning strikes and power surges. In our webshop, you'll find a range of gas discharge tubes designed to divert excessive voltage away from sensitive components and prevent damage. These tubes consist of a sealed chamber filled with a specific gas mixture. When the voltage across the terminals exceeds a certain threshold, the gas ionizes and conducts the excess energy away, effectively clamping the voltage to a safe level. Gas discharge tubes are commonly used in various applications where protection against voltage spikes is critical. They can be found in power distribution systems, telecommunications equipment, data centers, industrial machinery, and more. By rapidly responding to overvoltage events, GDTs help prevent equipment downtime and costly repairs, ensuring the reliability and longevity of electronic systems. Our selection includes different sizes and voltage ratings to accommodate various protection needs. Whether you're designing a circuit or system that requires effective surge protection, our gas discharge tubes are designed to provide dependable and efficient protection against transient voltage events. Explore our webshop to find the right gas discharge tubes for your specific application and enjoy enhanced peace of mind knowing that your electronics are safeguarded against voltage surges.