NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP, Newhaven Display

NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP, Newhaven Display

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Newhaven Display
4.3 inch IPS EZ-Grip Capacitive TFT

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NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP | 4.3″ IPS LCD | EZ Grip with VHB Tape | Optical Bonding | Extended Cover Glass | RGB Interface | 40-pin FFC Connection | Capacitive Touchscreen

Introducing the NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP, a 4.3-inch IPS EZ Grip TFT display that redefines visual excellence. Boasting a remarkable resolution of 800×480 pixels, this display presents a versatile solution for effortless mounting on any surface. The innovative VHB tape attached to the back of the PCAP glass eliminates the need for extra tools or hardware.

With its blazing 850 cd/m2 luminance from the high-brightness LED backlight, the display delivers awe-inspiring sharpness and unrivaled color reproduction. The incorporation of IPS technology into this Liquid Crystal Display ensures consistent image quality and wide viewing angles. Even under direct sunlight, the super bright backlight and 3M enhancement film make the NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP a perfect choice for readability.

Beyond its striking visual prowess, this transmissive LCD operates at a mere 3.3 volts, making it highly efficient. The capacitive touch panel with optical bonding and extended cover glass not only enhances touch sensitivity but also shields against shocks and vibrations. It’s an ideal pick for projects that demand top-tier visual output coupled with multi-touch capability.

Equipped with a PCAP touchscreen featuring the cutting-edge FocalTech FT7311 controller and an integrated I2C interface, the NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP empowers users with seamless and intuitive interaction. Precise touch recognition and enhanced responsiveness facilitate fluid gesture controls, lending itself well to interactive applications. Thanks to the 24-bit RGB interface, seamless integration with various Arduino models is effortlessly achieved.

Driving this exceptional performance is the built-in EK9716B driver IC, meticulously designed to optimize the display’s functionality. This ensures impeccable rendering of images and graphics, guaranteeing a smooth and visually captivating experience. Furthermore, the LCD and touchscreen employ a FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) connection style, ensuring straightforward and reliable electrical connections.

Rest assured, all our displays, including the NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP, are fully RoHS compliant and adhere to rigorous environmental and safety standards. Experience the future of displays with the NHD-4.3-800480EZ-ASXP-CTP, where innovation meets visual excellence.


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